Based in Austin, Texas, USA, The Stan Laurels are the musical creation of earthling Sound Scientist John Lathrop. The epitome of “indie,” John takes independent ownership of every aspect of music production, as he writes, performs, records, produces, and releases his music on his own label, Plaid Records. Self-taught in all instruments, he has spent his entire life listening, learning, and playing music.

John believes the significance of music and its impact on our lives cannot be understated; after all, it was music - The Beatles, in particular - that brought him and his soul-mate together. Thus, The Stan Laurels are the culmination of John's musical vocabulary and relentless drive to record the perfect pop song - all in honor and celebration of music's sheer emotional power.

Solidly rooted in the melodic mod sensibilities of the mid-1960s, but always adding new twists and surprises, the result is a big, lush, multi-layered sound that feels both vintage and modern. To summarize: The Beatles, Breeders, Zombies, Kinks, Flaming Lips, Cars, Yes, and Debussy make up just some of the layers of the Warhol-esque sonic pop art painting that is The Stan Laurels.

Usually labeled indie rock or power-pop, the music truly spans a myriad of styles that show John's range - a range so broad that he's added Film Score Composer to his list of duties and two full-length motion picture soundtracks (score and songs) to his catalogue, which is both fitting and delightful for a movie buff with a Radio-Television-Film degree. Experimenting with many styles, yet always maintaining an unwavering, strong sonic sense of self, John Lathrop is a unique force of nature, an audial auteur like no other artist.