The Stan Laurels are the musical creation of earthling Sound Scientist John Lathrop. The epitome of “indie,” John takes independent ownership of everything as he writes/performs/records/produces all of his music (and cover art). John believes the impact of music on our lives cannot be understated; in fact, it was music - The Beatles, specifically - that brought him together with his wife and soul-mate. Thus, The Stan Laurels are the culmination of John's musical vocabulary and relentless drive to achieve the perfect pop/rock song. The result is a big, lush, multi-layered sound that feels both vintage and modern. His influences are too many to list, but a quick-reference "For Fans Of" would include The Beatles, Zombies, Kinks, Breeders, Flaming Lips, Yes, and Stevie Wonder.

Usually labeled indie rock or power-pop, John's music spans a full myriad of styles that show his range - a range so broad that he's added Film Score Composer to his résumé and two full-length motion picture soundtracks to his catalogue (fitting and delightful for a movie buff with a Radio-Television-Film degree). In 2013, he won Best Music & Sound Design at the May Day Film Festival for his original score & songs for the film Billi & TheodoreIn 2018, his LP Maybe (soundtrack to the motion picture Maybe Shower) was a power-pop breakthrough, garnering worldwide airplay and making several industry "Best Of 2018" lists. This record also led to several top 20 and top 5 Artist of the Year finishes globally. The major highlight of these accolades was an Independent Music Awards nomination for Best Indie/Alt Rock Album. John followed up the success of Maybe with the critically acclaimed singles "Lost & Found" and "Noche Buena" in 2019, earning another Independent Music Awards nomination (Best Holiday Song).

2021 ushered in even more success with the release of John's fourth album as The Stan Laurels, There is No Light Without the Dark. The Laurels' first release on the well respected indie label Big Stir Records has become John's most acclaimed and revered album to date, boasting more global airplay than ever before, too many rave reviews to keep track of, and being named to a great number of esteemed "Best of 2021" industry lists.

In addition to music, John creates pop culture-inspired visual art he calls Mod Pop Art, which can be found at Check it out and buy a print or seven!

Album #5 is in the works ... as always, STAY TUNED!!!
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