"You've Just Crossed Over"

If it's not already obvious by looking at my pop art portfolio, pop culture is my life. Commissions aside, I unabashedly love each one of the reference subjects I use for my artwork; some of these happen to be popular (you may have heard tell of a short plumber by the name of Mario), while many are not so much (999 out of 1000 people on the street have no clue about Joe Versus the Volcano, for example). I'm proud of this fact, as I refuse to "sell out," as the hipsters say. I draw and paint what I personally love, not what I think will sell ... which is, frankly, probably a stupid move for someone who owns a very small business. But this is my choice, and my hope is that all the cool people in the world who love the same weirdo stuff I do will appreciate that they can find it immortalized in Mod Pop Art form here at PlaidDesign.co. And one of those things is The Twilight Zone. Not that this show isn't well-known (of course it is); but as time goes by, fewer and fewer people really know and appreciate it, whereas I continue to watch what has essentially become my #1 favorite show of all time, despite having concluded long before I was born. Rod Serling is a hero of mine - a perfect wordsmith and creator of truly fascinating studies of the human psyche, tales that due to stellar writing, directing, and acting, feel more real than almost anything on TV today, despite the outlandish sci-fi scenarios. For this piece, I chose four of my favorite episodes that could be instantly recognizable with a single floating head, and I used color symbolically. For the background color gradients, I created a subtle "Z" shape as a nod to the show. I also developed a completely new-to-me shape-drawing technique to create the faces piece by piece. It is a very tedious process, but rewarding, as it is an original look and I like how it turned out. I may have to try more of this style soon.

Shown on the wall, not necessarily to scale (frame not included).

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