"You're So Cool"

True Romance is a film chock full of excellent individual scenes featuring legendary actors in small roles, and many (myself included) have praised these roles and scenes as "making" the film. But at the heart of this ultra-violent and bitingly funny and smart film is a love story. It would be easy for all of the powerful scenes and huge cameos to overshadow the leads, Alabama and Clarence, but Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater don't let that happen; they have zero problem carrying the main story, and somehow make several ridiculous premises believable. The genuine sweetness and love between them is ultimately the most satisfying element of the film, and the real reason we keep coming back to watch. In this piece, I used a bold but simple style to sort of connect Alabama and Clarence together, representing the simplicity but strength of their undying love.

Shown on the wall, not necessarily to scale (frame not included).

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