My love and respect for Redd Foxx goes far beyond Sanford and Son, although that was an amazing and groundbreaking show. His stand-up comedy could be considered tame by today's standards, but at the time, it was certainly taboo and "dirty" well before Lenny Bruce, and decades before anyone else. His discography of over 50 "party records" is legendary. There would probably have been no Pryor or Carlin or Murphy if not for Redd Foxx; he paved the way for countless comedic greats who were at their best uncensored. But most of all, he was simply one of the funniest people who has ever lived. In choosing a silhouette image to superimpose over Redd, the obvious choice was the iconic red junk truck. I can just hear Quincy Jones's perfect theme song now ...

Shown on the wall, not necessarily to scale (frame not included).

"This is the Big One" - 20x20" (Alternate Variant)
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