"The Third Man" (Version 3)

Version 3 of my poster for The Third Man was my first idea. Orson Welles is stellar as Harry Lime, and the way he is introduced in the film is among my favorites of any character entrance in cinema. Spoilers coming, friends, but if you haven't seen The Third Man, simply stop reading, watch it, and come back! Harry Lime was supposed to be dead. So the mystery begins when we find out he's very much alive, which we realize as his best friend Holly Martins (played to perfection by the underrated great Joseph Cotten) detects him hiding in the shadows. As he yells at him to come out and show his face, a woman opens a window and turns on a light, which becomes a spotlight - everything in the shot is dark, aside from Harry's brightly-lit face. He gives a coy smile and then the screen soon goes black as the woman turns off the spotlight, and Harry vanishes as mysteriously as he appeared. Orson Welles called this a "star part," meaning one in which the character is not seen, but is talked about for much of the film leading up to his entrance. My goal for this poster was to capture this iconic moment. My title also contains a simple hidden message that fans of the film will understand.

Shown on the wall, not necessarily to scale (frame not included).

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