"The Third Man" (Version 1)

The credits begin and we see a strange mass of strings being played as we listen to the mysterious sounds of the zither. The music hypnotizes us throughout the credits; it is light and airy, yet strangely dark and earthy at the same time ... whimsical, yet melancholy. It was director Carol Reed's decision to have Anton Karas write and play the score entirely on the zither after he heard him playing in the background of a wine tavern in Vienna in 1948. To this day, I can't think of another film with a more original and unique score, especially when juxtaposed against the dark and heavy subject matter. And the music only begins to touch on what makes The Third Man such a masterpiece of cinema and a legend of film noir. I love it so much that one poster wasn't enough for me. So I did three. Version 1 here is the only one that includes the legendary ferris wheel. I needed one iconic silhouette, so I chose the Wiener Riesenrad. I created it to scale and with the correct number of beams and carts because that kind of authenticity and detail is imperative to me, out of respect for the film. If you have not watched The Third Man, drop everything and do it now; then come back and grab a poster or three!

Shown on the wall, not necessarily to scale (frame not included).

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