"The Power of Zero"

Playing the original Metroid on the NES was an experience like no other. It was the first game that I really got addicted to ... "I just need to find one more save point and then I'll stop" ... but you can never stop. The perfect mix of sci-fi and horror ... the true sense of exploration not seen in any side-scrolling action game before ... the creepy feeling that you are truly alone ... the lack of any direction or hints, forcing you to go everywhere you possibly can (and can't) ... the eerie sparseness of the in-game music in certain areas ... even the title screen, with the weird synth-beep music when you first turn on the game, is still the coolest ever, and sets the mood perfectly. All of these things were enough to make Metroid awesome, but when you add the end reveal that the badass hero you've been playing as this whole time is female (oops, spoiler alert, sorry) - totally unprecedented at the time - you have a legendary game, which has turned out to be an equally stellar series. This piece is my tribute to Samus and the Metroid series, bringing classic and modern together, as I love to do.

Shown on the wall, not necessarily to scale (frame not included).

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