"He's Gone!"

22x28" Museum quality signed/numbered fine art print (Ltd. Ed. of 100) + Certificate of Authenticity: $150

9x12" open edition unsigned mini-print: $25

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. And yes, I put quite a lot of time and work into what essentially amounts to a silly haircut joke. Not sorry, though, because I still think it's funny. And I happen to love The Monkees AND No Country for Old Men (not to mention, psychedelic rainbows) quite a bit, so the mashup really works out for me. In fact, I'm surprised I was the first to do it; I mean, it's all right there. This is the absurdist in me rearing his goofy head again. The joke is not just about Chigurh's Monkee haircut, but also the running gag in The Monkees TV show where something or someone (often Peter) will suddenly disappear and everyone left will shout, "He's gone!" In this case, with Chigurh (and his air-powered bolt gun) replacing Peter, it gives you an idea of what might have happened. But as an optimist, I prefer to believe Peter is alive and well ... just, at the moment, gone.

Shown on the wall, not necessarily to scale (frame not included).

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