"Frank & Claire" (Version 1)

In February of 2015, "Frank & Claire" was the very first piece I did for my then fledgling art studio, Plaid Design. I re-created the House of Cards upside-down American flag logo and superimposed it over The Underwoods, which creates several levels of symbolism. To acknowledge this particular room's elephant, it's incredibly disappointing what has come out about Kevin Spacey since then. But to completely dismiss House of Cards because of one actor's horrible personal life past choices would be doing a gross disservice to everyone else who worked so hard to make this show one of the best on TV at the time. The same applies to Spacey's film work. To get back to the artwork process, this was my first time using a Wacom desktop-style drawing tablet and my first attempt at a digitally hand-drawn two-tone cutout style. While it feels natural and comes second nature to me now, it was foreign to me then. I feel like I could draw this piece better today, but being my first work in this adventure, it still holds a place in my heart as essentially the beginning of Plaid Design as a real thing, not just an idea in my head.

Shown on the wall, not necessarily to scale (frame not included).

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