"Dyego en Fuego" - 16x24"

This was a commission piece; a woman's son was turning 10 and she wanted to give him something unique and original, something she could not buy in a store. She gave me all the info I needed: she sent a couple of reference photos for me to draw from and told me his name, his favorite things in the world (soccer, comic books, and superheroes), and what city he lives in. That was all I needed to create a superhero character for him and put him on the cover of his own comic book. The client was very pleased and I am told Dyego loves his art! And that's really what this is all about for me. 
If you want a truly special gift for a family member or friend, something customized for them that they could never find anywhere on the planet (not even Amazon), I highly recommend the Mod Pop Art treatment. Just go to the Contact page and drop me a note!
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