Captured by space-folk ...


Samaanya, look what you have done. Waiting for the "Space Police" is causing mania, for in my heart I know they will never show. Despite my wish, I know they don’t exist. Samaanya, super-terranean; your head is a chrysanthemum, arms like accordions ... or so, to me, it seems. Is this a bad dream? Am I just bored, or out of my fucking gourd?


from Death of the Sun, released November 10, 2009
Written, performed, and produced by John Lathrop



all rights reserved


The Stan Laurels Austin

The Stan Laurels are Sound Scientist John Lathrop, an earthling who has created an indie psych-pop band that blends the melodic pop sensibilities of the 60s with the fantastical/absurd themes of 70s progressive rock, adds a sizable helping of psychedelia, and a twist of classical. The listening experience is "The scientifically engineered combination of everything and nothing you’ve ever heard." ... more

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