Darkening Skies

from by The Stan Laurels



OK, so I guess this whole "aliens taking over the earth" thing is actually happening. Damn.


I have turned a blind eye to the deafening cries of my own wounded mind as it keeled. I saw with my eyes the darkening skies, but I didn’t realize it was real. I can see the irony … our world taken from you and me by some otherworldly beings without relent or mercy … like white man has done a thousand times before … It would be easy for me to concede defeat and go quietly in the night. But the hope in me and the uncertainty of it all makes me see I must fight. Can we do this? I don’t know. Can we get through this? I don’t know. Are you with me? I don’t know. Are you living? I don’t know. All that I know is I cannot be alone …


from Death of the Sun, released November 10, 2009
Written, performed, and produced by John Lathrop



all rights reserved


The Stan Laurels Austin

The Stan Laurels are Sound Scientist John Lathrop, an earthling who has created an indie psych-pop band that blends the melodic pop sensibilities of the 60s with the fantastical/absurd themes of 70s progressive rock, adds a sizable helping of psychedelia, and a twist of classical. The listening experience is "The scientifically engineered combination of everything and nothing you’ve ever heard." ... more

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